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Lawn Repair & Fertilizing Services

Lawn Plug Aeration

Core aeration can make a major impact on the overall health and strength of your lawn. DeCaro Landscaping's aeration services will create a lush, green, estate-quality lawn that you'll love spending time in.


Have you noticed bare patches throughout your property? Summer stresses, drought, and disease can all take a toll on a lawn, resulting in bare spots of every size and shape. Colonel Landscaping's overseeding services boosts soil fertility and promotes new grass plants to restore your property's luster.


Heavy patches of thatch prevent water and nutrients from reaching the grassroots. Colonel Landscaping's dethatching strategies comb out and eliminate thatch layers to redistribute essential nourishments and remove unhealthy organic materials.

Our 5-Step Lawn Treatment Service

  • First Application: Early Spring – Granular Fertilizer (Slow-Release)  Prevents crabgrass germination and helps your lawn get off to a thicker, greener start to the season.

  • Second Application: Late Spring – Broadleaf Weed Control (Liquid)  This treatment will help eliminate a wide spectrum of unwanted broadleaf, including dandelions and continue to supply your grass with nutrients.

  • Third Application: Summer – Granular Fertilizer (Slow-Release)  This treatment maintains a green lawn throughout the sizzling summer heat for up to 13 weeks. This mid-season application also includes a liquid broadleaf spot spray for any areas that may need that extra attention.

  • Fourth Application: Early Fall – Broadleaf Weed Control (Liquid)  Post-emergent selective herbicide that controls actively growing crabgrass plus any annual and perennial broadleaf weeds such as clover, foxtail, and dollar weed.

  • Fifth Application: Late Fall – Granular Winterizer (Slow-Release)  Helps stabilize your lawn roots and prevents fungus and disease that may try and creep in over the winter.  This provides the nutrients your lawn is looking for to store before going dormant.

5-Steps to your perfect lawn

We Offer Customized Lawn Repair Services


At DeCaro Landscaping, we'll never force-fit lawn repair services – we know that never works! Our lawn and turf specialists understand that every yard is different and has its own unique growing needs. We'll carefully evaluate your commercial or residential property's current conditions to determine specific strengths and weaknesses. From there, we can develop a customized lawn repair solution using any combination of our services to ensure optimal results. No upselling and no high-pressure sales. Whether you only need a single overseeding application or a full install on new construction, DeCaro Landscaping will deliver what you need, when you need it to transform your property into a backyard oasis.

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